Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Mary-Andree Ardouin-Guerrier, during her transition to a more holistic and healthier lifestyle. The journey began once her son had been diagnosed with a multitude of food allergies, she had just lost one of her close aunts to an aggressive form of ovarian cancer, and at the time her maternal grandmother was battling countless chronic health diseases.

After relinquishing her use of toxic chemical hair straighteners, she chopped off all her hair to grow it out and embrace her natural hair texture. She started researching holistic ingredients that were used across the globe for hair growth and healthy hair management. She also wanted to incorporate spices because of what she learned about them through her West Indian heritage. After coming up with the right unique blend, the hair oil was born. Around the same time, she got accepted a graduate program at Columbia University in health education. Now as a recent doctoral recipient, she has decided to revive the oil to be better than it has ever been. Giving birth to our Revitalizing Organic Hair Oil.


Here are some pictures of the evolution of my natural curly hair from the time I big chopped to now. 


Our mission is to promote toxic free self care through the use of our elegantly crafted invigorating, transformative, and versatile certified organic holistic hair oil made to assist with various hair needs and concerns, while also fostering a harmonious balance of health advocacy, sustainable practices, and socially conscious initiatives.